Student Life

IU Science Fest

Join the Department of Computer Science and Informatics as we explore technology. We'll offer several opportunities throughout the day, including:

  1. Make a galaxy and help BB-8 accomplish a task on a computer, to learn the basics of how to code.
  2. Come meet robot friends that smile, squeal, and shimmy. You can interact with them too!
  3. Make a robot using arduino chips and “eyes” and change their behaviors with code
  4. Trees, tree of life, and binary search trees. Learn how “trees” can be used to represent relationship and to solve real problems on computers.
  5. Explore in our computer “junk yard”.
  6. Compete with computers and learn about AlphaGo, the computer program that beat Lee Sedol, the world's top Go player.
  7. Come try a 3D-printer.
  8. Come experience virtual reality games.

Visit the IU Science Fest website to learn more!